FAQ - Real answers to real questions


Where on earth did you get that lighting?

We literally hauled those beams from a forest in Yuckacksaville, hung 'em, strung some lights and voila! Killer lighting!

Why can't we reserve more than 8 seats?

We only have 36 seats in the joint so we don't want any one group hogging up all the seats. We're trying to accomodate as many people as we can.

Where else can we eat on Eglinton?

This stretch of Eglinton West is quickly becoming a great gathering spot for kosher restaurants.

If you're in the mood for awesome Middle Eastern & Israeli food, you can't go wrong at Aish Tanoor. 

Looking for more formal dairy dining? Check out Bistro Grande with their wide selection of specialty entrees, pastas, fish and wines. 

How about going all out for a fantastic upscale French dining experience? Then it's gotta be Marron Bistro with their mouth-watering charcuterie, steaks, wine and chef selections.

If you're undecided and need to talk to someone, stop in at 3 Sisters Kitchen (3SK) for incredible coffee, homemade yogurts, granola, salads and sodas. The owners are always there and the conversation is great. 

Welcome to Kosher Eglinton!

Together we will Make Eglinton Great Again!

How is "Que" pronounced?

It's short form for barbeQUE, get it?

It's not 'que' as in Spanish or Que as in an abbreviation for Quebec. 

Why don't you serve coffee?

Does Starbucks serve brisket? Exactly.